Goa Basilica (MM-BAS-CL-ST)


Mario Miranda 6″ tile in colour , Goa Basilica.  

Bom Voyage (MM-BV-CL-ST)


Mario Miranda’s Bon Voyage 6″ in colour with frame.

Goa Carnival (MM-CAR-CL-ST)


6″ Mario Miranda’s Goa Carnival in colour with frame.

Mangueshi Temple (MM-MT-CL-ST)


6″ Mario Miranda , Mangueshi Temple in colour with frame  

Market Place (MM-MKP-CL-ST)


6″ Mario Miranda’s Market Place in colour with frame.

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Hi Tina, Sorry was bit tied up received the work in excellent condition well packed and safe- Thanks for all the help and support especially your patience. Hope to get an opportunity to deal with you in future as well. Thanks once again – Regards, Mithun. From: [] Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:19 AM To: Mithun Bhakta Subject: Re: Job No HPT/Adg/264 - Payment done.
Hi Tina, Just to let you know the plaque arrived to my cousin safely in one piece. They are happy and love the gift very much. Many thanks for working with me all these months to make it happen! Roshni
— Roshini Abedin , United Kingdom,

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